Seminar on Activating Your Entrepreneur Within

Global Entrepreneurship Network is a year-round platform of programs and initiatives created by the communities that celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week each November.

To celebrate this global initiative, DHA Suffa’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development (C.E.I.D.) had organized a seminar on 21st November 2019, on the topic of ‘Activating your entrepreneur within’. To ensure the essence of the moment, we had invited such speakers who possess the true nature of entrepreneurship among themselves. This event was also hosted on Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Pakistan website.

For the event, we had invited Mr. Nabil Kalu, who is a prominent businessman and CEO of various companies like Design District, Kitchen Essentials, etc., a dynamic corporate trainer and an enthusiastic entrepreneur by nature. Mr. Nabil shared his journey and his early struggles of being an entrepreneur in his own unique and personalized way. He also focused his attention to discuss the common misconceptions especially whenever concepts like entrepreneurship are discussed in Pakistan’s context. In his overall discussion, he kept the regional dynamics and concepts in mind, which were relatable and well-liked by the audience.

The other speaker, Mr. Nauman Lakhani who is a businessman and also Country Manager for Dun & Bradstreet, shared his valuable entrepreneurial journey with us. He spoke about his early journey, and explains the struggles of having a career and managing a business at the same time. During his discussion, he shared his personal stories that how he was able to identify such small opportunities in a smart way, that with time leads to opening a chain of his own stores, internationally. He focused on the prime personality traits like honesty, integrity that will help the individual to sustain and grow to become not only a successful entrepreneur but also a great human being.

It was an absolute interactive sessions, as the audience was engaged constantly throughout the session. And even after a healthy Q&A session, the students were more interested in talking to the speakers after the event. The event itself was an overall success, and the turnover and response of the event was highly positive.

Link for the event on Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Pakistan website;

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