About Us

We Give You Wings To Fly

Innovation and entrepreneurship are recognized as key building blocks for a competitive and dynamic economy where universities play a significant role to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset. Keeping abreast with the economic needs DHA Suffah University launched the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development (CEID) to serve as a focal point for nurturing an entrepreneurial culture at the university and connecting it with the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. The Center is targeting to play a pivotal role for the DSU community as well as for the public at large in shaping an entrepreneurial perspective.

The university believes that its graduates have an enormous potential for innovation and economic development. Keeping this in view CEID has been established to mobilize graduates for entrepreneurial careers, enhancing their entrepreneurial skills, and providing support for their business start-ups.

At DSU the CEID holds a focal position in stimulating enterprise and entrepreneurship activities with a focus on; Training and Mentoring, Research and Case Studies, Networking, Growth, and Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Keeping aligned with these focus areas the center frequently holds seminars, workshops, training (indoor and outdoor), startup stories and talks, pitching and mentoring sessions, and much more.