About Aghaz

AGHAZ is a startup incubator that aims to facilitate founders in nurturing their startups by providing a range of resources and services. It will serve as a platform to advance startups into the mature businesses of tomorrow.

It has been established under the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development (CEID) at DHA Suffa University.

Aghaz selects early-stage startups for the incubation program and advanced-level startups for the accelerator program. After that, the startups go through training to ultimately grow their business. Startups from all over Pakistan are welcome to join these programs for mentorship, training, and startup development.


The objective of Aghaz is to facilitate founders in enhancing their startup ideas and developing and refining their business models. This is achieved through necessary training, mentoring, networking opportunities, connecting with investors, and facilitating a host of other resources that may be required for the startup to survive and scale.

Facilities at Aghaz

  • Comprehensive structured training program
  • A pool of local and international mentors.
  • Purpose-built working space that includes free Wi-Fi
  • Uninterrupted power supply with backup generator facility
  • Cafeteria
  • Networking opportunities
  • Connected with a pool of investors.
  • Each founder gets individual mentoring when needed.

Joining Aghaz

The program will be executed through 3 distinct phases that are;
  1. Founders register through an online application.
  2. All applications received would be carefully reviewed and would pass through a filtration process to shortlist the applications.
  3. Shortlisted applications would be invited to pitch their startup. Based on the pitch the applications would be further filtered to select the final startups for the program.
  4. These final startups would start their journey with Aghaz.

Eligibility Criteria

Founders from all over Pakistan can apply. Including DSU students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Startups that are at an idea stage and need help developing the business can apply for the incubation program. Mature startups who have successfully launched their business and need help to scale the business can apply for the accelerator program. Founders who demonstrate a high level of passion for their startup would be given preference.

Application Process

Online applications are open. Applications must be submitted with careful attention to all details. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Overview of the Incubation Process

The program will be executed through 3 distinct phases that are;
Pre-Incubation Phase
  • Registration Open
  • Filter Applications
Incubation Phase
  • Announcement of selected startups
  • Incubation (Training/mentoring)
  • Demo Day
Post-Incubation Phase
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Post Incubation Follow-ups
How to Register